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IBB Artist Talk: Anan Striker

25 Oct, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

/\/\/\/\/, Anan Striker
painter, sculptor, typographer, lithographer, image poet and tape jockey (Assen, NL, ‘88).Fascinated by everyday life, I draw inspiration from ‘the everydayness’: sports, music, typography, love and art. I do not limit myself in my choice of subject, but combine and assemble: an event in life, someone you meet, everyday news, a winning game from your favorite sports team, or an object that I found of particular interest. Intuitively I transform these into drawings, sculptures and installations. I have an eye for detail, not losing sight of the big gesture at the same time.Playing, investigating, recognizing, accurately equaling any coincidence, I create images, in which the ‘nostalgia of things’ contains a great meaning. Just like I do in my choice of subject, I do not allow myself to be caught in a single technique. My work is a mix of greetings, references and memories, recognizable and accessible. Herky-jerky within the context of the whole; perhaps a search for grip on life. All in all, I make poetic, alienating adaptations of reality.

Instituto Buena Bista

The Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao Center for Contemporary Art, IBB, started in 2006 as an artists initiative with the goal to create a solid platform for art and art education.

As an art institute that offers preparatory training for young talents, the IBB deals with all the aspects of art and art education that make a follow up to an art academy or creative schooling possible. The educational components don’t limit themselves to the students but also cover a broad area of the Curacao and Caribbean art towards the local society. The social engagement and added value of art for the society is also very present in the IBB structure. Being situated on the premises of the Capriles psychiatric clinic is not only a statement of the social engagement of the IBB but also a reflection of the concepts that IBB strives to achieve as well; collaboration, exchange and development.
The clients of the clinic participate on a regular basis together with the students in workshops and classes. This, as part of an initiative by the clinic and the IBB to make the clinic more accessible to the public and to create more insight in the psychiatric world.Projects in public spaces have become a regular activity by the IBB. In these projects the students work together with patients of the clinic, students from other schools or people from organisations that participate in these activities.
The IBB students get a special role where they have to support and guide the participants and at the same time experience responsibility towards their creations and others.


25 Oct, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Instituto Buena Bista
Willemstad Curaçao